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A gift to client is incomplete without logo printing. Logo printing can be done through normal silkscreen printing and pad printing.
Silkscreen Printingand pad printing are both printing methods that reproduce a design onto different surfaces such as paper, plastic, metal, rubber and glass.
Silkscreen printing is use for printing on flat surfaces such as eco notebooks, eco memo box and eco bag while pad printing is use for non flat surface like USB flash disk and eco pen.
Silkscreen Printing works like a stencil. The artist presses pigment through a screen with a design on it. Pigment seeps onto areas that aren’t covered by the design.
Pad printing deposits a design onto a three-dimensional object using a silicone pad that lifts the ink off of a printing plate. It works much like a stamp.
  • We prefer the logo in adobe illustrator format(ai) or (eps) format. Please email us high resolution jpeg format if you do not have this format.
  • Please make outlines for any text that appears in your logo. Creating outline is extremely important as the font will be lost or substitute with other font type if outline is not made.
  • Please provide us the correct pantone code. This will ensure the printing color is similar to your company logos color. 


For notepad, post it note, memo box and recycle bag

Quantity Printing Charge
RM / Colour
Block Charge
RM / Colour
100-200 80.00 50.00
201-300 0.40 50.00
301-500 0.35 50.00
501-1000 0.35 50.00
1001-2000 0.30 50.00
2001-3000 0.25 50.00
3001-5000 0.25 -
5001-10000 0.25 -
10001-20000 0.20 -
20001-50000 0.20 -
> 50000 0.20 -
For Recycled pen
Quantity Printing Charge
RM / Colour
Block Charge
RM / Colour
< 300 (Min. Charge) 50.00 50.00
300-1999 0.15 50.00
2000-2999 0.14 50.00
3000-3999 0.12 50.00
4000-4999 0.10 50.00
> 5,000 0.10 -


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