Why Recycles?

Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials, lessening the impact of extraction and transportation. It has been estimated that for every tonne of waste thrown away, an extra 20 tonnes of waste is created at the point where the raw material is extracted!

Substantial energy savings can be made by using waste materials rather than raw materials, ranging from a potential 22% energy saving for recycled glass to a potential 97% saving for recycled polythene.

In order to make it cheaper and easier to recycle there needs to be an increase in the availability and consumption of recycled products to stimulate this demand for recycled materials. This is why we are proud to offer such a diverse range of recycled merchandise. We are conscious no demand for waste material for recycling will exist without a demand for them to be turned into another product.

Additionally, buying recycled products will create jobs, improving the economic prospects of our nation and demonstrate a commitment to good environmental practice, improving the economic prospects of your company.

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